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Blending history and traditional values, the Ginger House Museum Hotel combines luxury and the timeless appeal of heritage, with its warm ambience and indigenous architecture. The hotel’s advantageous location, Kochi, offers all the guests’ easy access to the city’s biggest hotspots. The Museum Hotel offers 8 spacious rooms categorized into royal suite, sea view and deluxe, each one replete with luxury amenities to have the best stay in Kochi.
The highlight of this heritage hotel in Kochi is a wide, long lobby is a spectacular 108-feet-long “snake boat”, a traditional naval boat of Kerala, so named for its similarity to the shape of a hooded snake. Snake boat races are still a staple of Kerala’s rich, 400-year-old water sports tradition. With more than 100 oarsmen in each boat, snake boat racing is the world’s largest team sport.
This 120-year- old “Thiruvaranmula-Punnamthottam No.5” snake boat, the oldest in Kerala, sits, appropriately, in a palatial courtyard, which was dismantled from a 120-year-old palace in the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu and re-erected here. The courtyard’s veranda is lined with incredible paintings from old churches, temples and palaces. This pleasing combination of various South Indian aesthetics is visible throughout the Ginger House Museum Hotel, the best heritage hotel in Kochi.


Majnu, the founder-owner of the Ginger House Museum Hotel, is a connoisseur of heritage arts and artifacts. His journey from ordinary worker to the antique collector and then, now, to hotelier has served as an inspiration to many young people in Kerala. For his innovative use of traditional artifacts in the hospitality industry, Majnu is considered a trailblazer in Kerala’s tourist industry.

Yet he maintains his quiet humility today. Visitors to the Ginger House Museum Hotel can be forgiven for missing the small-sized, bespectacled man scurrying around the compound with colleagues, figuring out how to incorporate his latest acquisition, in his endless quest to build the world’s best heritage boutique hotel.But do stop Majnu if you see him—the history around you will come alive through his words.


The Ginger House Museum Hotel is known for its old-world charm and world-class service. With its original antique furnishings, it is the perfect retreat for a royal holiday, amidst the splendor and grandeur of classical times. While waiting for sunset—best enjoyed from the hotel’s second-floor garden, sundowner in hand—guests enjoy strolling down Jew Town’s narrow streets, popping in and out of delightful shops and charming cafes. After sunset, appetites whet, guests indulge at the hotel’s restaurant, considered one of the best in Cochin.

And remember—if you like an artifact or furniture piece you see, do enquire about buying it. Almost every antique in the Ginger House Museum Hotel is for sale. The hotel’s interior decor, in other words, is constantly evolving, as guests purchase current pieces and management brings in new ones.

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