The splendid teakwood door inlaid with stained glass in the Ottoman alleyway opens into a world of vintage vogue. The hotel’s decor is inspired predominantly by the early history of South India, from Chettinad to Malabar architecture—some ruins, some intact, and some beautifully restored to their original glory.

The Ginger House Museum Hotel has 9 rooms, each unique in character, yet all boasting an unprecedented level of comfort. They share the same lovely high ceilings and expected comforts such as air- conditioning, mini-bars, king-sized beds and carefully-curated herbal toiletries. Among the unexpected delights are the sensor-equipped, State-of- the-art Japanese toilet bowls.

The wood-furnished entryway houses the most illustrious room of the hotel. The other 8 rooms are on a mezzanine floor, which also has a calming garden aside an infinity pool overlooking Vembanad, Kerala’s largest lake. The stairway to them is adorned by a larger than life statue of Lord Nataraja, Hinduism’s ecstatic dancer—symbolising the hotel’s ethos of mixing spirituality and fun.


The room’s teakwood door is guarded by baby tuskers carved out of teakwood and inlaid with camel bone. A painting by Raja Ravi Varma, one of India’s greatest artists, greets you as you enter. The room has a patio that opens into a garden filled with relics. The bathroom is unashamedly opulent, including a wall studded with Art Deco tiles made of 24-carat gold.


The exquisitely carved teakwood door is an example of the rich aesthetic sense of Kerala culture. The custom designed teakwood ceiling with numerous lotuses complements the dark wood floors. Floor- to-ceiling wide doors open onto a long balcony that offers views of the Vembanad, Kerala’s largest lake. The exquisite bathrooms are generously sized with a walk–in shower and impressive doors.


The Honeymoon Suite of the Ginger House Museum Hotel is all about romance and opulence. The mirror-framed teakwood ceiling reflects the large bed seductively. The vista from the room is even more irresistible, as an intricately carved wooden frame opens to a gorgeous balcony that overlooks the blue waters of Vembanad, Kerala’s largest lake. The bathroom’s designer chic style is something many guests seek to replicate at home.


The 18th-century rococo art which prevailed in Continental Europe is a quirk of India’s colonial history. With its extravagantly ornate motifs and scroll works, the striking Baroque style is the main theme of this room, from the beautiful door to the rolled ceiling. The bright golden hued yellow and white walls compliment the dark wood flooring. The crystal chandelier adds shimmer to the room. The walk-in shower cubicle, set inside a gorgeous granite bathroom, is paired with State-of- the-art auto sensor units.


Posh but never pompous; cosmopolitan without being showy. This sums up the living quarters behind the elegant teakwood double door. This is a bright room with pink walls and a light wood paneled ceiling, complementing the dark wood floor. The modest, sophisticated decor includes a turn post bed, an antique Indian chest bench and cane-woven furniture.


The splendor of a bygone Chettinad era is intricately curated and reproduced here. The Chettinad style door is a masterpiece of fine craftsmanship. The large room with a wooden floor is graced with carefully selected and well-restored antiques. The wooden-framed mirrors on a large antique wardrobe have clear Chettinad influences. The bathroom’s Marrakesh design motif, including granite floors and walls, present a warm atmosphere for the walk-in shower tub.


Traditional Malabar masonry is best exemplified in this room. The legendary “Manichithrathazhu”, literally “the ornate lock”, is featured on the solid teakwood door, which once stood proudly in a mansion in Malabar. Decorated with rare antiques, the room radiates a serene Dravidian ambiance. The granite-clad bathroom is warm and welcoming.


Last, but certainly not least. Period glamor is evident in the ornate doors, entryway ceiling, and the bed space ceiling. Along with the incredible antique furniture, this room stands as a fine prototype of Kerala architecture.

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